• CZ.NIC Labs develops an authoritative DNS server called Knot DNS with a strong focus on performance, support for modern standards, safety and wide range of accomapanying tools.
  • The talk will briefly overview the features and reasoning behind Knot DNS, showing for what it is (and isn't) good for, and why a DNS biodiversity is a good thing. It will also bring you up to speed with the recent development plans for near future, and some bits and pieces from the development.

This was the 3rd year of our conference for all network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators, and data centre operators in Central and Eastern Europe hosted by NIX.CZ and

The conference was regularly attended by around 200 participants and supported by interesting sponsors from the Telecommunication and IT communities across Europe.

The programme included professional presentations, presentations by partners and sponsors, workshops, and we were once again dedicating a sizeable space to professional networking. Furthermore,  a new application to facilitate meetings, MeetingTool, was in development and was able.

The 2015 conference was planned as a two-day event in The Sheraton Bratislava Hotel and included a social evening in the centre of Bratislava on 18th March.

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